My Prolific Week

It has been exciting to see the debut this week of two articles I wrote last fall.  The first article appeared in La Leche League International’s online magazine for mothers, Breastfeeding Today.  It describes answers recent research has provided to common questions about nipple shield use.  Nipple shields are a breastfeeding tool many mothers love to hate in part because of the inconsistent answers they receive about them. Thankfully, we now have some objective information on these gray areas.

The second article appeared in the current issue of Clinical Lactation, the journal of the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA).  Written for professionals, this article describes teaching strategies that can be used with mothers who are employed or exclusively pumping to help clarify how milk production works.  It draws from some of the posts in the For Employed Mothers section of this blog.  If you help mothers in these situations, have personal experience, or just want to learn more, please take a look.