Electronic BAMS Now Available

Good news comes with the New Year for those who have asked for my large and heavy book, Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple (BAMS) in an electronic format.  Your wish has finally come true. 

Available in two formats, one for the Amazon Kindle and one for all other electronic devices, BAMS can now be ordered directly from the Hale Publishing website: http://www.ibreastfeeding.com/catalog/Digital-Books/c34/index.html   If you have questions or would like to order by phone, call 806-376-9900.  You can also e-mail books@halepublishing.com

Also in the works, a pocket-sized edition of BAMS for those without an electronic reader who would like to have a smaller, lighter book to carry with them when helping mothers.  I am currently in the process of finishing this project.  The pocket guide version will not contain the references and the lengthy explanations.  Instead, you'll find in its pages only the recommended helping strategies to remind you of what to try next.  This pocket guide version should be available for purchase this summer.  Wish me luck!