Infographic Debuts: Is Baby Getting Enough Milk?

Today’s busy families want lactation information that is quick, easy, and lovely to the eye. That’s why I joined forces with the talented people at Noodle Soup to create a series of infographics on some of the most in-demand lactation topics.

 I’m thrilled to announce a new addition to this series! The #1 reason new parents give for formula use and premature weaning is worries about milk production. This new infographic—“Is Baby Getting Enough Milk?”—directly addresses these concerns. My hope is that it will help more families meet their feeding goals.  

All four of my infographics come in tearpads of 50 with one side in English and the other side in Spanish. Click on the titles below to link to their order pages on the Noodle Soup website.  

  • Is Baby Getting Enough Milk?  Includes reliable signs that baby’s milk intake is adequate, expected feeding patterns in nursing newborns, and the most common false alarms. 

  • Working & Breastfeeding  The most important aspects of working and breastfeeding that nursing families need to know to meet their long-term feeding goals.

  • Pumping Primer  A simple guide to expressing milk that includes the key points needed for successful pumping.

  • For Baby’s Caregiver  Ways caregivers can support nursing families, including how to pace bottle feeds to avoid overfeeding during the workday.