Introducing the Natural Breastfeeding Professional Package

Are you a breastfeeding support professional?
Would you like access to the latest breastfeeding tools and technologies?
Do you want to add another income stream and expand your practice?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’d like to introduce you to the Natural Breastfeeding Professional Package which I designed with obstetrician Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, RN, MD.

Geared for lactation consultants, doulas, breastfeeding and childbirth educators, breastfeeding peer counselors, nutritionists, nurses, doctors, midwives - everyone who works with pregnant and new families—this package offers the high-tech resources millennial families prefer.

What’s Included in the Natural Breastfeeding Professional Package?

  • Client access to the online Natural Breastfeeding Program, a breastfeeding preparation course that families can view on their tablets, computers, and smartphones. This fun, parent-friendly program includes more than 60 short videos and more than 100 images of diverse mothers and babies breastfeeding. If purchased by families individually, this online program usually costs $97.

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But when you buy the Professional Package, you choose whether to charge your clients a fee for access to the online program (you determine the price) or provide it at no extra charge. For professionals starting or running a private practice, this is a fantastic opportunity to set yourself apart from other local providers and grow your client base. For those who work in hospitals, this is a way to take your teaching to a whole new level.

A 2015 STUDY found that digital breastfeeding education was overwhelmingly preferred by families over group classes. You can also offer it as a supplement to your in-person classes. If you decide to sell access to the online program, you get 100% of the proceeds.

  • Three online presentations for providers (2.5 hours of talks) to give you the background you need on this innovative approach to breastfeeding preparation. You may also show these presentations to other health-care providers.

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  • Downloadable visuals: 60+ images and 25 short videos, which you can use in classes and download to your handheld devices as teaching aids when working one-on-one with families.

What’s the Cost of the Natural Breastfeeding Professional Package?

Just $129/year gives you access to the digital program for an unlimited number ofclients.

Where Can I Buy the Natural Breastfeeding Professional Package?

You can learn more about the program and purchase the Professional Package online by clicking HERE. Need more information? Scroll down on the program webpage to read the FAQs, or email us at

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Introducing Natural Breastfeeding

All mammals are born with responses that Mother Nature builds in to enable them to get to their food source and feed. Yet today, the way most mothers are taught to breastfeed ignores what our babies bring to the table, making early breastfeeding harder than it needs to be. It’s no wonder then that during the first week after birth, 92% of the nursing mothers in one study reported major breastfeeding challenges.

Instead of tackling individually each breastfeeding issue—latching struggles, milk supply concerns, sore nipples--what if there was a single way to address many challenges at once? That’s what Natural Breastfeeding is all about.


What are the roots of this innovative new approach to early breastfeeding? To create the Natural Breastfeeding program, obstetrician Theresa Nesbitt (“Dr. Theresa”) and I drew from the work of many: the Swedish breast-crawl researchers, UK scientist Dr. Suzanne Colson, international brain-science experts, the Prague School, and Americans Dr. Christina Smillie and Dr. Brian Palmer. When we put together these diverse-but-related puzzle pieces, what emerged was our new prenatal preparation program, Natural Breastfeeding: For an Easier Start.

Every baby is born with her own internal GPS, so baby knows where she is and what to do. If a mother knows how to activate and use her baby’s GPS, she can avoid many common early breastfeeding struggles. At the same time, Natural Breastfeeding allows a mother to relax completely, so she can nurse in comfort and rest while baby feeds. In most cases, she can even breastfeed hands free. By taking full advantage of an infant's inborn feeding behaviors, even a brand-new baby can be the active breastfeeding partner Mother Nature intended.

The Natural Breastfeeding program prepares pregnant women for breastfeeding with more than 60 short videos and 100 images of diverse women learning about and using Natural Breastfeeding. This interactive program, which mothers can access on their tablets, computers, and smartphones, is mother-friendly, jargon-free, and fun.


Amazingly, science has already weighed in on this 21st century innovation. One 2015 study found that tablet-based prenatal breastfeeding education can increase breastfeeding initiation, duration, and exclusivity. In other words, this modern, high-tech approach works and can help more mothers reach their breastfeeding goals.

Before a pregnant woman gives birth, the demonstration videos and simple exercises in the Natural Breastfeeding program make its concepts clear and integrate its moves into her body memory. Even if her birth attendants are unfamiliar with this approach, after completing this program, a mother should be able to make it work on her own.


Natural Breastfeeding is like the training wheels on a bicycle. While mother and baby are learning, it helps them avoid unnecessary pain, strain, and struggle. By making the most of what baby can do, Natural Breastfeeding helps mothers use the behaviors built in by Mother Nature to successfully feed and nurture their newborn.

Intrigued? To view some of our basic videos, go to my YouTube playlist HERE, our "How-Tos" Prezi HERE, or browse the videos on my YouTube channel HERE.

If a pregnant woman wants to prepare for breastfeeding rather than just planning to breastfeed, she can download this program at

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