Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple (BAMS)
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"Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple is the most useful general breastfeeding reference I have encountered.  I recommend it to anyone who works with breastfeeding mothers."  --Journal of Human Lactation, December 2010

This research-based counseling guide is appropriate for all levels of expertise--from beginner to advanced practitioner--and for those working with breastfeeding mothers in all settings: hospital, clinic, private practice, public health, and mother-to-mother.  Its two-column format makes finding information easy when helping mothers by phone and its hardcover binding lays flat when open.  Topics include the common and the rare and its practical strategies incorporate both the classic and cutting-edge studies that should inform our practice.  New areas covered include: breastfeeding after gastric by-pass surgery, torticollis, baby-led solids, gigantomastia, gravity-assisted breastfeeding positions, breastfeeding with a history of childhood sexual abuse, MRSA, Group B strep, and much, much more.


The Breastfeeding Answer Book
By Nancy Mohrbacher, Julie Stock

2003. Now out of date, this research-based counseling guide was used for decades by lactation consultants, the medical community, public health, and those who provide mother-to-mother breastfeeding help.  Its three editions have sold more than 130,000 copies worldwide and it has been translated into Spanish, French, Dutch, and German.

2004. This book has been replaced by the updated 2012 Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple: A Pocket Guide for Helping Mothers


Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple: A Pocket Guide for Helping Mothers is the latest must-have reference for those who help breastfeeding families. How does this pocket guide compare to its larger cousin, Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple (BAMS)? Both contain the basic information and strategies you need to help mothers with a vast array of common and unusual breastfeeding challenges. But to make this companion volume portable enough to keep on hand while working with families, what's been removed are the thousands of research citations and often lengthy explanations for its strategies.

Written for all levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced practitioners, BAMS Pocket Guide is an ideal resource for hospitals, clinics, medical practices, public-health offices, breastfeeding peer counselors, and mother-support groups. This up-to-date resource provides the information you need to empower mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals.