Selling books at an event can be an excellent money-maker for your organization or business. If you’d like to sell my books at an event, a class, or anywhere else, you will get the best deal on my five current books (descriptions HERE) by buying them directly from the publishers at wholesale price and selling them at retail price. 

When you contact the publishers below, please tell them you are buying in bulk for resale or that I will be speaking at your event. They will give you a healthy discount, which varies by publisher.

After an event, any unsold books can be returned in new condition for a full refund. (You pay return shipping.)

Nancy’s Books for Parents

The following two books for parents:

  • Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers (co-authored with Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, 2010 (retail: $18.95)
  • Breastfeeding Solutions: Quick Tips for the Most Common Nursing Challenges 2013 (retail: $15.95)

were published by New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, CA. You can contact its customer service department by emailing customerservice@newharbinger.com or by calling Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time at: 800-748-6273, ext. 2.

My most recent book for parents

  • Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple, 2014 (retail: $18.95)

was published by Praeclarus Press, Amarillo, TX (Central time). Email its customer service department at info@praeclaruspress.com or call 806-367-9950.

Nancy’s Books for Breastfeeding Specialists

Both of my books for breastfeeding specialists were originally published by Hale Publishing, which closed in 2016. Since then, I became the primary distributor of these two books:

  • Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple (BAMS), 2010 (retail: $59.95)
  • BAMS Pocket Guide Edition, 2012 (retail: $37.95)

For events, you will receive a 30% discount off the retail price (no minimum). You have 60 days after your event to return any unsold books in new condition for a full refund.  Questions? Email our customer service at info@nancymohrbacher.com or call us--we're on Central time--at 630-336-9525.

Other bulk discounts on these books for breastfeeding specialists are listed on my online store HERE. Once in the store, click on the book image and scroll down.