Breast, Bottle & Childhood Obesity
60 - 90 minutes
Qualifies for L CERPs for IBCLCs

This talk is suited for audiences of both breastfeeding specialists and families and covers:

  • The controversy over whether breastfeeding decreases risk of childhood obesity
  • How feeding by breast or bottle affects the amount of milk baby consumes
  • How type of milk (mother's milk or formula) affects baby's metabolism and appetite
  • Other factors that affect the risk of childhood obesity

This talk provides an overview of the research on the association between infant feeding during the first year and the risk of childhood obesity. Discover what we’ve learned about the effects of feeding method on milk intake and feeding dynamics (breast versus bottle), how milk composition affects body function and appetite (human milk versus infant formula), and whether what’s in the bottle makes a difference. Learn also about the other factors that may affect the risk of obesity during childhood and beyond.