NEW in 2014!

Milk Sharing: From Milk Banks to Craigslist
75 - 90 minutes
Qualifies for E CERPs for IBCLCs

This session works with audiences of both breastfeeding specialists and parents and covers:

  • The range of milk-sharing options
  • What parents and professionals need to know about milk safety
  • How the health risks associated with formula use affect this dynamic
  • Ethical and practical considerations

Many mothers today seek human milk from other mothers, sometimes in unorthodox ways. As the demand for human milk grows, the realities of some types of milk-sharing have breastfeeding supporters scrambling. This talk examines the range of milk-sharing options and the ethical and practical considerations for parents and breastfeeding supporters. Options covered include milk banks (for-profit and nonprofit), wet nursing, milk-sharing organizations (such as Eats on Feets and Human Milk 4 Human Babies), and the Wild West of milk sharing, online milk sellers and buyers.