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Feb. 15 Live Webinar: Helping Families Who Exclusively Pump

Register HERE to join me for a live 75-minute webinar on Thursday, February 15, 2018 sponsored by the nonprofit organization BreastfeedLA and Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital.  This event will start at 1 pm Eastern time/10 am Pacific time and will be followed by a 15-minute Q & A. Its recording will be available to all registered attendees for later listening and review for all of 2018!

Content Summary: Why focus on exclusive pumping? We are in the midst of pumping epidemic! In "Helping Families Who Exclusively Pump," I will summarize pumping trends and describe the specific strategies that make it possible for families with babies in the NICU and those who choose to pump and bottle feed to most effectively build a healthy milk supply.  I will also share what the research tells us about how often and long to pump in order to keep up milk production over the long term and ways to customize pumping plans based on an individual's breast storage capacity, a physical difference that varies from person to person. But these families need more than just reliable facts. They also need emotional support, so learn how we can best become the champions many pumping families genuinely need.

Continuing Education Credits: For IBCLCs, 1.25 L CERPs are available and Registered Dieticians can provide the program agenda and certificate for CPEs for Professional Portfolios. For RNs, 1.5 contact hours are available through the California Board of Registered Nursing. For more details, see the downloadable brochure HERE.

Cost: $25 until January 25, 2018 and $30 beginning January 26, 2018.

Hope you can make it!!!