Concerns About Low Milk Production
75 - 90 minutes
Qualifies for L CERPs for IBCLCs

This talk is best suited to breastfeeding specialists. Tailor it to your group’s needs by choosing three of the following topics:

  • How to determine when baby is getting enough milk during the first week of life and if supplements are needed, how much to give and how to feed them
  • Why so many mothers give formula supplements and how to address this
  • Strategies for establishing healthy milk production while pumping exclusively for babies in special care
  • How employed mothers can use the Magic Number concept to keep milk production steady long term
  • The latest thinking on medications and herbs that boost milk production

This session offers a high-level discussion of milk production at different stages of breastfeeding and in different situations.  It offers a primer on assessing milk adequacy during the first week of life, the need for supplements, and when supplements are needed, feeding volumes and methods. Depending on the other talks chosen, additional topics covered may include a review of up-to-date, evidence-based strategies for optimizing milk production in mothers exclusively pumping, a guide for using the new Magic Number concept to help employed mothers maintain their milk production long term, and/or the  reasons mothers use formula supplements and some strategies for addressing this.  It also includes a brief overview of the latest thinking on herbs and medications that boost milk production.