Understanding Breastfeeding Behaviors
60 - 120 minutes
Qualifies for L CERPs for IBCLCs

This video-packed talk is appropriate for both breastfeeding specialists and parents. It covers:

  • A review of how latch/attachment recomendations have changed over the years
  • The reflexes babies are born with and how to use them for easier breastfeeding
  • The role of babies’ hands in finding and latching to the breast
  • Where we are now and why in terms of best practice

This is a great after-lunch talk that includes video clips from an international cast of characters. Provides a chronological summary of recommended approaches to latch, with a description of what we got right and which assumptions were later disproved.  Includes an overview of the hardwiring both mothers and babies bring to breastfeeding, a checklist for evaluating basic breastfeeding dynamics.